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How to Participate


Editing an entry

Find your company's entry by visiting the directory

We encourage you to claim your entry in order to complete the enhanced data fields. This will ensure we have the most complete and accurate picture of your company and the industry at large. (Please note that only basic information fields will be made public—company name, location, website, social networks and lines of business. The enhanced information will be available to IO, OMDC for internal use only, and any public documents referencing this data will remove individual company references and will report on data in aggregate only.)

To edit entries, you can log in using one of two methods:

Using your Facebook Twitter, Google or LinkedIn account:

Connect one of your existing social network accounts to the mapping tool for a quick and easy sign-in. Note: Due to limitations of Twitter’s API, you will have to fill in some additional details if you choose Twitter as your login method.

By creating a new account on our system:

After clicking “Create Account,” you will be prompted to enter a username, email, password and your name. Confirmation of your account creation will be sent via email. If you are claiming an entry in the database on behalf of a company, please use your company email address to create your account.


Claiming an entry

Once an entry is claimed, it cannot be edited by the other people on this system. You may claim your company’s entry by first creating an accounting and then contacting us directly with your company name, URL, and using the company email address you used to create your account.

Once you have been approved to claim the entry, you will receive a link to edit your company's enhanced data fields.